The Garden of the Memorial was exquisitely designed on a total area of 57 acres with the building covering an area of 396 ft by 283 ft. On the way to the north gate is a bronze statue of Queen Victoria by Sir George Frampton, R.A. The Queen is seated on her throne, wearing the robes of the Star of India. Approaching the building from the south, visitors pass the King Edward VII memorial arch with a bronze equestrian statue of the King by Sir Bertram Mackennal surmounting it and a marble statue of Lord Curzon by F.W. Pomeroy, R.A.

There are also other statues of various dignitaries like Lord Bentinck, Governor-General of India (1828-1835), Lord Ripon (Governor-General of India from 1880-1884) and of Sir Rajendranath Mookerjee, the pioneer industrialist of Bengal.



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