The Royal Gallery

In the Royal Gallery there are oil paintings depicting scenes of Queen Victoria receiving the sacrament at her coronation in the Westminster Abbey in June 1838; her marriage with Prince Albert (1840) in the Chapel Royal at St. James' Palace; the christening of the Prince of Wales in St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle (1842); marriage of the Prince of Wales (Edward VII) with Princess Alexandra (1863) ; Queen Victoria at the first Jubilee service in Westminster Abbey in 1887 and the Second Jubilee service of Queen Victoria at St. Paul's Cathedral, June 1897. These are copies of paintings by well-known artists in the collection of the British royalty.The writing desk and chair constantly used by her for her daily correspondence at the Windsor Castle occupy the centre of the room. King Edward VII presented these to the Victoria Memorial. Beside the painting showing the entry of Prince Wales into Jaipur is displayed here. It is the largest in oils in India (see details given with the pix). On the south wall hangs the Russian ' artist Verestchagin's masterpiece depicting in oils the state entry of King Edward VII, then Prince of Wales, into Jaipur in 1876. Also to be seen in this hall are portraits of Edward VII, as Prince of Wales, painted in 1863 by Jansen and those of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert when both were young, by Winterhalter

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